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SoftPlan reView Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge for SoftPlan reView?

The SoftPlan user that is going to author or publish the reView file will be required to purchase an additional module, SoftPlan reView. The viewer portion of SoftPlan reView can be distributed free of charge.
Will I be able to import my customer’s comments and markups back into my SoftPlan drawing?
Yes, any information such as comments or sketches that your customer makes on the reView file will import back into the original SoftPlan drawing.

I currently send my designs to customers using a .PDF file format. Why would I use SoftPlan reView instead?
reView maintains all the “architectural” information contained in the original SoftPlan file. So not only can you see the floor plan or elevation but you will know the size of the window or the height of the wall. A .PDF file on the other hand is more of a representation of a piece of paper.

Will my field personnel be able to see all of the drawings on a hand-held?
Yes, any SoftPlan drawing can be published as a reView file. So floor plans, elevations, details, and site plans will all be available for viewing on a compatible handheld.

Is reView suitable for the creation of existing conditions drawings? Can I walk around an existing building and enter it into reView?
No, reView is intended to view, annotate, and query technical drawings created in SoftPlan. Regular SoftPlan running on a tablet or laptop PC would be much better suited for the creation of drawings.
Can the framing diagrams for my houses be viewed in reView?
Yes, reView has the same modes as SoftPlan. To view the roof framing for example, open the floor plan and switch to roof mode, then the roof framing layout complete will display.

Will my clients be able to print the reView drawings?

Yes, but it is up to you. When the reView file is created the author decides if the resulting file will print or not. If printing of the file is allowed, then the author decides if the user can print it to scale or only to fit the page.

Why would I use SoftPlan reView to send drawings to my print shop rather than .PDF files?

SoftPlan reView files are much smaller, roughly 10% of the size, so the files are easier and faster to transmit.

I have a client that prefers .PDF, files how can I create .PDF files?
In addition to creating reView (.SPV) files, SoftPlan reView can author .PDF files.

How can my customers access the SoftPlan reView Viewer?
The SoftPlan reView Viewer can by selecting the link at the bottom of this page and is also located on the SoftPlan installation CD in the SoftPlan reView folder.

Why send a reView file instead of a .PDF?
The advantage of a reView file is the ability to right click on a wall, symbol, window, etc., and get a description of the item’s properties. For example, right clicking on a wall will show the wall style and height. You can also run a cursor from one line to another to get the distance. This is a huge benefit to the client or engineer because they can instantly see the information. You can also link comments from the person who gave the comment so the person viewing the file can see who made the comment.

Can you mark-up and add notes to the different modes in a reView file?

Yes, the reView viewer allows clients to make mark-ups and notes in all of the modes available in SoftPlan. This keeps the notes organized in one file instead of different sheets in a .PDF. The mark-ups made in any mode will be displayed in that mode when the drawing is brought back into SoftPlan, and the mark-ups will appear in the reView mode. This feature also offers a lot of flexibility to the person exporting the review files. Visibilities and screen colors of items can be set up anyway you want for each of the different modes using Visible Items, Layers, or Building Options. Besides obvious options like a plumbing or HVAC mode, you can separate dimensions, furniture layouts, etc. from the main drawing mode if desired. This allows clients an uncluttered view of the floor plan, but still gives them access to other information.

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