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Material lists & reports on any drawing contentSoftList uses the drawing information added in SoftPlan and generates a complete material list and cost estimate report for the design. SoftList will count all construction materials, add user-definable costs, mark-ups, waste factors and labour rates to provide a material list.

As with any SoftPlan module, the material list can easily be customized to meet your needs. This generated material list can also be exported to other software packages including estimating, accounting and scheduling programs. SoftPlan allows metric or  imperial configuration by the user.

SoftList offers flexible and accurate estimating through a variety of user customizable features. Eliminate the errors of manual calculations by letting SoftList do the work for you. SoftList uses the details from your SoftPlan drawings as a database of information containing items such as walls, windows, joists, and more, and uses this information to estimate the amount and cost of materials needed for a project.

  • Labour and waste factors can be added on a per material basis as each material within SoftList has an individual waste factor assigned.
  • Materials can be counted as Time, Materials, Trade contractors or allowances.
  • Finished materials lists can be exported in those formats to most major accounting packages or in an Excel type spread sheet format. 
  • SoftList allows you to link labour costs with materials. Overtime, you can track and update these costs to make estimates increasingly accurate.

Changing pricing is simple with the user ability to track up to three different price quotes per material. Costs can be imported into SoftList from whatever accounting package your business uses by assigning an item or part number.


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