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Introductory Training DVD

As the first in the series, the Introductory Training DVD is designed for everyone, although general computer experience is helpful. The DVD covers the steps necessary to complete a simple house from design phase through completion of floor plans, elevations, and cross sections. An introduction to roof generation, object offsets, basic site plan input, and 3D rendering are also included in the content. At completion, users will be familiar enough with SoftPlan drawing techniques to confidently begin drawing on their own.

The Introductory Training DVD is now authored in SoftPlan 2014.

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Intermediate Training DVD

The Intermediate Training DVD is best suited for those who are comfortable with the basics of SoftPlan covered on the Introductory DVD. The Intermediate level emphasizes how to efficiently lay out floor plans for a set of construction drawings through instruction on proper drawing order, object offsets, and customization of walls and openings. Then the focus shifts to SoftView's interaction with the floor plan through elevations, cross sections, and the generation of a 3D model. The DVD is rounded out by covering complex roof designs and generating a site plan.

 play SP movie Try Chapter 5 : Kitchen Design


 play SP movie Try Chapter 31: Multiple Floor Roof



SoftView Training DVD

The SoftView Interactive Training DVD provides an excellent introduction to the rendering potential available within the SoftView program. Users will learn how to efficiently turn a concept drawing into a fully developed, rendered image. The disk covers exterior rendering focusing on the site plan and topography, lighting, material assignments, landscaping, and customization of library items. Interior items such as kitchen layout and design, reflections, room mode and interiors are added to complete the model. The SoftView Interactive Training DVD is recommended for those who have a working knowledge of SoftPlan as the DVD assumes that basic drawing concepts are understood. 

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Try Chapter 9: Material Asignment  


SoftList Training DVD

The SoftList Interactive Training DVD will explain how to maximize the capabilities of the program, plus demonstrate many of the new tools, as well as advanced concepts for customization of the Bill of Materials. The disk will show in-detail each of the Methods of Calculation, Creation of Custom Formulas, Import and Export with SoftList, and creation of User Defined Variables. Also a step-by-step guide will explain how to link SoftList with external price tables (ODBC), how to use SoftList Mode, and Take-off Mode to perform quick take-offs on non-SoftPlan CAD files.The SoftList Interactive Training DVD is recommended for those who have a working knowledge of SoftPlan as the DVD assumes that basic drawing concepts are understood. The information on the SoftList training DVD is very intensive and contains thirty-four chapters. It will most likely take around twenty-two hours to complete the entire disk.

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Try Chapter 22: Count baseboards in 16' pieces




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