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'SoftPlan 2016' has all the tools of previous platforms and adds powerful new features and an attractive, interactive 3D display.

Architectural Design Software ExampleA three dimensional rendering of your model appears at your request during any phase of the design process.

View the rendering from different perspectives, interior or exterior.

Apply countless textures to three-dimensional surfaces, including hardwood, carpet, tile, brick, siding, render, and even your own custom textures.

Add various interior and exterior lighting with incredible real life shadows and reflections.

Import backgrounds and images from your digital camera, the web, your scanner, etc.

Architectural Design Software
to meet the needs of the Residential CAD User

Architectural Design Software ExampleSoftPlan's interface includes the new Navigation Menu. This multi-file management tool streamlines and supplements previous tools used to organise drawings. The Navigation Menu uses drag and drop drawing management in order to perform tasks such as assembling floors. Cross sections, Elevations, 3D views, materials lists and more can all be accessed using this menu.

Consequently, fewer steps are necessary in order to perform essential tasks. Users can configure SoftPlan to their exact requirements and those of their clients, both in Metric and Imperial measurement. SoftPlan 2016 allows multiple drawings to be opened simultaneously either in separate windows or tabs. Child windows are particularly useful when using multiple monitors. The floorplan can be opened on one screen while a 3D model is opened on another.

Changes made to the floorplan will automatically update the 3D model and changes made to the model will be applied instantaneously to the floorplan.

Almost all items that can be added to the 2D floorplan can now be drawn within the 3D model. Over 1,500 all new, high quality 3D symbols are available, including up to date manufacturer's symbols. Various dimen- sion, edit, adjust and move commands are all available within the 3D model making the design process even more free flowing.

SoftPlan 2016 includes a new multi-threaded ray tracing rendering engine. This new engine affords realistic graphics using features such as photon mapping, improved shadows, ambient occlusion, better reflections and emissive surfaces. All these improvements and still this new release yields faster rendering, smoother, single-click navigation tools and real time fly-bys of a model. This cements SoftPlan 2016 as the superior design presentation tool.

These are just a few of the timesaving and essential features which team up with SoftPlan's veteran tools to provide the most advanced and comprehensive tool set in the industry.




* Plan Layout
* Wall Definition
* Openings
* Dimensioning
* Symbol Layout
* Electrical Layout
* Cabinet Layout
* Area
* Roof Design
* Roof Framing
* Wall Framing
* Floor System
* Deck Design
* Cross Sections
* Elevations
* Site Plans
* Room Layout
* 3D Rendering

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